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About Us


Funcre8tions has an authentic collection owing to the fine craftsmanship and innovation of the skilled Indian artists. The online store is based out in Austin, Texas and ships anywhere in the US. Started by Prathyusha Maryada, the vision is to provide quality clothing with style and uniqueness here in the US. The tailored, unique products make them very different from the other boutiques because they know what their clients want! 

Not too traditional, more indowestern - just the right mix for you to match your outfits and stand out in your day to day life, and other indian parties and festivals! 

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About The Creator

Prathyusha Maryada is an Indian born in the US who came to pursue a greater life. With most of her education in India, she came to take up the MIS program. With what destiny had planned, there wasn’t a bright light outside the tunnel once she completed her degree. She then brought herself together and decided to enjoy her life as it came. It was then, she started out making jewellery to keep herself busy and found that almost everything she made was sold in the marketplace! 

Caught by surprise, Prathyusha decided to try a hand at this business and eventually got success. Her boutique “Funcre8tions” was able to bridge the gap in the US for Indian audiences who wanted to shop ethnic and look different without coming out as traditional. Funcre8tions was registered on 13th June, 2018! 

Extend your support and enjoy the finest collection at Funcre8tions.